Our customers have great ideas. We help to make it come true. 

The imaginative application of graphic design and science to create state of the art features, products and services.

We are an experienced team of innovation architects, product designers, gaming experts, software engineers, graphics designers and art directors. Our team has a common goal: to create an application that reaches audiences that suit your business needs.


Why us

The digital experiences we create are unique, engaging and integrate the highest levels of creativity and technology. We put attention on accuracy and completeness of our design, while our clients know us as a committed partner who delivers—on time, according to budget, above the expectation.
Our creation process combines the experience of team members with a lean startup philosophy.
The quality of our design is as important as the good relationships we build.

What we do

Advertising games

Customised VR/AR applications

UX and UI design

Digital experiences

Sample projects

Super Bakusie is an iOS/Android/Web game created in cooperation with Hand Made advertising agency for a marketing campaign for a dairy products company Bakoma.

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  • superbakusie_01
  • superbakusie_04

Hot Wheels Game Pack. Children-friendly games enable exploring and learning concepts like physics, gravity and motion through experimentation with Hot Wheels cars and tracks.