“The gaming and e-sport industry” panel at European Economic Congress

On 10-12 May 2017, Katowice will host the ninth edition of the European Economic Congress, the most important business meeting in Central Europe. Nearly 100 sessions will bring together several hundred participants, including members of the European Parliament as well as business people and CEO’s of the wordwide largest companies.


The European Economic Congress (EEC) in Katowice is a three-day series of debates on a varied range of topics which address the current economic situation in Poland, Europe, and the world. The event stands out in particular for its representative selection of panellists. The ninth edition is expected to attract a record turnout.

Spectral Games will take part in “The gaming and e-sport industry” panel. 

The following issues will be addressed:

The potential of the gaming market. The balance of power, customer profile and value,
Creative companies and their resounding success in the market,
Innovations with a high potential for commercialisation. Institutional support for the gaming industry.

Spectral Games will be also a participant of a second edition of the European Start-up Days.