Forge a force

Harness the powers of nature, wield powerful magic, and command mystical guardians with the goal of defending sacred totems from mysterious and influential invaders. Totem Warriors is a visually stunning 3D tower defense game that seamlessly blends strategy and skill. To survive players must strategically build an army with wild beasts, druids, archers, and even angelic defenders.

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Deploy Defenders – Protect the powers of nature by deploying defenders with unique abilities and varying skill types; archers, druids, and powerful beasts will be at the players command. Battles will be won or lost based on quick wit, and strategic play.

Upgrade Units – Increase your strength, build stronger defenses, and grow your forces to become an unbeatable force. With greater power comes the promise of more rewarding adventures.

Unreal™ 3D Engine – Zoom in on the action with unprecedented detail. Rotate the camera to gain key vantage points with breathtaking visuals.


“If you want to play one tower defence game this month, make it this one. It has relatively original gameplay, great graphics, fantastic sound and overall a very entertaining presentation.”

– Woutst appPicker

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