The group of companies interested in the Google Tango project is expanding. Asus releases a new smartphone ZenFone with augmented reality capabilities. 

ZetaFone AR, is next “consumer-ready” device to use Tango

With a plethora of sensors on the back of the phone ZetaFone AR, is next “consumer-ready” device to use Tango. How is Tango implemented?  Using the sensors the smartphone can identify walls, floors, distance, depth, and see the world just like you do. What does that mean for you as a gamer? A few things. The included app allows you to use the smartphone to measure objects or distances straight from the phone, other apps use a camera to map the area. It means that smartphone map place you are and “place” game in real space.  It means that game is fun and engaging.

The Hot Wheels Track Builder and Fury of the Gods games are available in Tango AR project.