Voletarium: Sky Explorers. You want to fly—make it real!

When you see a bird flying, do you dream about flying too? If so, you aren’t alone.


Our new project design in cooperation with Milkroom Studios and MackMedia for Europa-Park is taking shape. Help young adventurers to prove that the flight of the legendary “Volatus” was successful and become a Sky Explorer in a mysterious flying machine!

For thousands of years, people have dreamed of being able to fly. They watched birds and bats solar. They imagined people and other animals that could fly and told stories about them. The possibility of conquering the sky was one of the eternal dreams of mankind, to which a great deal was devoted. For many years, visionaries worked non-stop on various types of flying machines.  They designed machines that they thought would be able to fly. As they tried each new idea, they learned a lot.  People built gliders, light aircraft with wings. Some didn’t work, but some did. The gliders that worked best had special wings. These wings were arched on both the top and the bottom. The air pulled the wings from above and pushed the wings from below. When the wings went up, so did the glider!. Arched wings help create a force called the lift. Lift is the force that keeps birds and gliders in the air. In the Voletarium: Sky Explorers mobile game you can feel the excitement of conquering the sky with the first adventurers.

The next decades of sky conquest will be just as exciting.