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 more innovative, more vivid

We are expanding our efforts into virtual reality and augmented reality segments by developing innovative proprietary technology for games and interactive experiences.

How virtual reality and augmented reality can be implemented: 

  • product marketing: let your customer virtually visit your factory and view the production process
  • education:  enable large groups of students to interact with each other as well as with virtual objects
  • exhibition: invite members of the public to engage with the museum or gallery exhibits in ways which were previously forbidden or impossible.
  • design lifecycle: from the initial concept through the build and implementation stages. The product can be reviewed at every stage to check for faults, structural weaknesses and other design issues. This technology enables engineers to view their project in 3D and gain a greater understanding of how it works.
  • medicine: augmented reality can project information directly into the body of a patient.

With a proliferation of VR technology like Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR, there are endless opportunities for B2B or B2C marketing.

virtual reality games
virtual reality games

Wow your audience with immersive VR / AR / 360 presentations, an unforgettable 3D experience creating a long lasting impression.

Sample projects

  • Hot Wheels - Track builder

    Hot Wheels - Track builder

    Hot Wheels is best known for its extensive line of die-cast model cars, as well as some racing video games for younger kids. Track Builder gives you a virtual play area to construct custom tracks for Hot Wheels cars. The only limit is what you can imagine, and not the amount of physical space in your home. Most AR apps focus on taking images of the real world and overlaying graphical effects using your device’s screen. Track Builder eschews the camera tricks and instead focuses on creating a boy’s playroom for you to explore physically. You move the phone up and down and even walk all over to look at all the furniture and decoration in the space, though most of your focus will be on the Hot Wheels track.
  • Fury of the Gods Tango

    Fury of the Gods Tango

    You are a mythical greek god. Your once faithful followers have revolted against you by renouncing their faith and tearing down your temples. Unleash your wrath with the Mighty Gaze and smite those heathens down! Why is so special? The Mighty Gaze is not far away in the Greece.

 Features of virtual reality digital design:

VR/360° content creation
360° video recording
Creation of 3-D art and dynamic, interactive objects
Immersive 3-D surroundings
VR/AR/360 apps, games and presentations
User Interface Experience – design and execution