Voletarium: Sky Explorers

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14 April 2018
Munich VR
30 March 2017


Sky Explorers

At the beginning of the 19th century, Kaspar and Eckbert Eulenstein were the first people who wanted to make the dream of flying come true. For many years, visionaries had worked non-stop on various types of flying machines. Around 1825 the Eulenstein brothers suddenly disappeared without a trace. The evidence discovered later in the brothers’ lab suggested that they had successfully built a functioning flying machine named Volatus II. To commemorate the inventor’s memory their young relatives Lawrence and Emily decided to prove that the historic flight of Volatus was a success. Join the adventure and help the young explorers unravel the mystery of Volatus!

Overcome your limitations

From the very beginning of its existence, humanity has tried to shift the boundaries and overcome the limits imposed by nature. It has always been natural to want to look further—beyond the horizon. History knows many daredevil who transformed this dream into their purpose in life. They were the ones who reached the tops of the highest mountains and discovered unknown lands. The possibility of conquering the sky had always been one of the eternal dreams of mankind, and much was devoted to its achievement.

The Voletarium: Sky Explorers gives you the opportunity to rise above the horizon in a mysterious flying machine powered only by the forces of nature—Volatus II.

Beautiful locations

Flying gliders give us the opportunity to visit various parts of the world, including inaccessible places or areas that are too far away for travelling. The peaks of the highest mountains, swamps, wastes, inaccessible glaciers—all within our reach, without any fuel consumption.

Dance with the forces of nature

Gliders do not have their own propulsion, they are the “wings” of the pilot, and the engine is the sun, the wind, rising currents and the ability to use atmospheric forces. The glider’s pilot is at the mercy of nature. Even the best glider drops and only by the skilful use of air currents can he reach the height he needs to travel forth and keep it in the air.