Spectral Games Spółka Akcyjna carries out the project:

“Creation of innovative technology of symbolic language recognition in virtual reality and augmented reality environment, and its implementation in an exemplary game.”

The primary aim of the project is to create an innovative piece of symbolic language recognition technology for virtual reality (VR) and an augmented reality (AR) environment compatible with the most recent VR and AR devices. This effect will be achieved with the use of a finite set of 3d sub-symbols from 3d symbolic language, with which it will be possible to create more complex sequences of symbols and develop an ultra efficient 3d symbol recognition algorithm.


A high-tech video game will be developed and one of its main strengths and innovative features to attract potential customers/players will be a completely new type of user interface for enabling communication between the player and a device equipped with VR/AR technology, controllers and a language based on complex 3D symbols. This language will consist of a finite set of 3D sub-symbols to create a self-learning system and the ability to design new 3D symbols, which will be automatically recognized, based on the available sub-symbol characters.

An additional, but logical consequence of the elimination of the “traditional” user interfaces (keyboard, touch screen, mouse) and its transfer into virtual reality will be the simultaneous development of a parallel communication module operating via an auto completion dictionary using 3D symbols “typed” into the virtual space as input.